Senwes Scenario Februarie / Maart 2015 - Page 51

F UT URE F O CUS ••• CHANGE IS INEVITABLE; GROWTH IS OPTIONAL JENNY MATHEWS “THE OAK FOUGHT THE WIND AND WAS BROKEN, THE WILLOW BENT WHEN IT MUST AND SURVIVED.” I n my neck of the woods the farmers are busy nurturing young summer crops, waging war against weeds and pests and anxiously monitoring weather reports and the blue, searing hot skies which seem to stretch forever. We long for the gentle curtain of cloud to be drawn across the sun and soft veils of soaking rain to descend upon our dry, thirsty land – but we won’t complain if the skies turned angry with dark, thunderous clouds which spit tongues of lightening and send torrential rains either! From our earthly perspective, it requires generous doses of determination and faith to stand firm and remain positive, trusting even that the good Lord has his eye upon us and to recognise that He is our provider always. Diverse challenges confront farmers witnessing the fields wither in the heat. A Colorado State University study revealed that skill is required to manage our businesses in such times since stress and depression cause farmers to become vulnerable. Among behavioural pattern spikes observed are increased substance abuse, on-farm accidents and injury and suicides. Statistics reveal increased conflict between husbands and wives and raised tensions between parents and children, with a knock-on effect into poor school performance and lower self confidence levels. The choice lies in how one reacts in these circumstances. It all comes down to resilience. Resilient people are ones who have well-developed leadership competencies and a