Senwes Scenario Februarie / Maart 2015 - Page 48

••• PROMOSI E Strong, reliable and convenient. The 393 Omni HunterÆ paired with the PakLite Caper is ideal for any hunt. The Omniís gently sloping drop-point guthook blade is designed for use with any game, and the addition of our lightweight PakLite Caper makes for quick and confident field dressing. This is a sturdy, well constructed set that any hunter would be proud to carry. Made in the USA. Fusion technology allowed us to drastically change the way deer ammunition was seen. Before Fusion, there was a big gap in performance between the economically and Premium loads available to deer hunters. The need to come up with a bullet that is affordable, but can be counted on without fail was met by Fusion. No other bullet in its class is as tough, accurate or lethal. Muela Knives are custom spanish hunting knives that have been made by the Muela family for generations, and utilize tough Moly-Vanadium stainless steel. Each Muela Hunting Knife is handsome as well as functional with handle materials that include Red Stag antler, exotic stabilized hardwoods and Pakawood. SIMPLY PERFECT - SIMPLY SAUER. The innovative features of the Sauer 101 have made it the reference model for standard-grade bolt action rifles. The success story continues with the compact new S 101 Classic and S 101 XT Classic. 46 Februarie/Maart 2015 • SENWES Scenario THE CZ 550 SERIES RIFLES REPRESENT A NEW LINE OF ELEGANT, AESTHETIC AND ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED FIREARMS. For th