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•••• Find your farm at for a T RADE N E W S Aerial imagery to help you farm better AEROBOTICS HAS DEVELOPED A DATA- ANALY TICS PLATFORM CALLED AEROVIEW, WHICH USES SATELLITES, DRONES AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TO HELP FARMERS OPTIMISE CROP PERFORMANCE AND REDUCE INPUT COSTS. 6 T his provides farmers with the data to track crop health, growth and moisture levels down to individual plants, and to action this data through vari- able-rate fertiliser maps and an advanced in-field scouting app. Aerobotics use aerial imagery to help derive crop insights according to COO Andrew Burdock. The aerial data is captured by either drones (controlled using the cus- tom flight planning application) or satellite, using visual and mul- tispectral imagery. The standard drone package is the DJI Phantom 4 drone with the Parrot Sequoia multispectral camera, this plat- form is extremely reliable and pro- duces high quality imagery. This helps farmers with early problem detection, yield optimization and better resource management. Depending on the crop, farm- 7 day rial free t ers would typically capture drone data on a monthly basis. This is either done through using their own drone system or by connect- ing with one of Aerobotics’ service providers throughout the country. Alternatively, satellite data is avail- able weekly, and provides field health information and moisture maps. The farmer can use various tools here to help interpret the data and identify things like problem areas within his fields. Further, he can download this data into our mobile application, walk into the field and make notes or take photos from the ground. All of this can be used to make better data-driven decisions and track change over time. WEEKLY WEEKLY SATELLITE SATELLITE IMAGERY, IMAGERY, DRONE DRONE ANALYTICS ANALYTICS AND AND IN-FIELD IN-FIELD SCOUTING SCOUTING APP APP TO TO HELP HELP YOU YOU FARM FARM BETTER BETTER FROM FROM ONLY ONLY R500 R500 PER PER MONTH*. MONTH*. AEROVIEW AEROVIEW CLARITY CLARITY FROM FROM ABOVE ABOVE WEEKLY WEEKLY SATELLITE SATELLITE ANALYTICS ANALYTICS To help To help you get you the get most the most out of out your of your farm farm and to and to reduce reduce your your monthly monthly input input costs. costs. IN-FIELD IN-FIELD SCOUTING SCOUTING APP APP Take Take your your aerial aerial data data into the into field the field with with our our offline offline scounting scounting app, app, Aeroiview Aeroiview Scout Scout HIGH-RES HIGH-RES DRONE DRONE INSIGHTS INSIGHTS Fly your Fly your own drone own drone or request or request a professional a professional drone drone pilot pilot to come to come to you to with you just with a just click a click of a button. of a button. ANALYTICS ANALYTICS & FARM & FARM AUTOMATION AUTOMATION Our algorithms Our algorithms turn pictures turn pictures into data into data providing providing meaningful meaningful insights insights to our to clients our clients to help to help you you improve improve your your farm. farm. Find Find your your farm farm at at for a for 7 day a 7 free day free trial trial E: INFO@AEROBOTICS.CO E: INFO@AEROBOTICS.CO | T: | +27 T: +27 (021) (021) 0351060 0351060 *2017 *2017 launch launch special special