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SKF Battery-Operated Grease Gun is “pure genius” The grease gun is a positive displacement singe acting pump that can be used with standard SKF grease cartridges or filled with 500 cm of loose grease. According to Eddie Martens, SKF Product Manager, MaPro, this versatile, robust, high performance (DIN 1284) unit, has a maximum peak pressure capability of 700 bar and is suitable for lubricating a wide range of applications including bearings, machines, and vehicles. Martens explains that the grease gun is driven by a small, low voltage electric motor connected to a gear transmission. "The rotary motion of the motor is converted into a reciprocating motion of the plunger using a yoke mechanism." The TLGB 20 delivers two speed flow rates and can be switched seamlessly from low volume (110 g/min) to high volume (170 g/ min). The SKF TLGB 20 grease gun presents a number of useful features and benefits: • Integrated grease meter shows grease discharge in grams • LCD battery discharge display shows remaining energy content • LED light facilitates location of grease fittings in dimly lit areas • Long (Li-Ion) battery life allows for dispensing of 15 cartridges per battery charge • Filler nipple for fast, easy filling from drums with filler pumps The unit is supplied in a sturdy carrying case which includes a 900mm high-pressure hose, rechargeable 20 V battery, charger, and user instructions. R6 100 including vat My choice, my Senwes. At Senwes Equipment we know what our clients want and we make sure that they get it. As the exclusive John Deere Please contactyour your dealer we guarantee access to the latest developments. nearest Senwes We ensure that you haveEquipment the best that money has to offer. branch for more info.