Senwes Scenario Desember 2015 / Januarie 2016 - Page 26

••• HA N D E LSN U U S VALUE TO THE INDUSTRY WHO ARE WE? JG SHIELDS, SENIOR ORIGINATOR, FOOD AND AGRICULTURE BUSINESS, SWISS RE CORPORATE SOLUTIONS ADVISORS SOUTH AFRICA (PTY) LTD. SWISS RE CORPORATE SOLUTIONS ADVISERS SOUTH AFRICA (PTY) LTD IS THE SOUTH AFRICAN REGISTERED ENTITY FOR SWISS RE CORPORATE SOLUTIONS, GLOBAL COMMERCIAL INSURANCE PROVIDER AND A MEMBER OF THE SWISS RE GROUP HEADQUARTERED IN ZURICH, SWITZERLAND. IN THE LOCAL MARKET, WE HAVE A BINDER AND UNDERWRITING PARTNERSHIP WITH GUARDRISK SOUTH AFRICA LTD. You are a new entrant to the agri-insurance market. Is there room for more insurers in this market? Healthy competition will always be to the advantage of the client, and that should be our common goal. It is therefore not about the number of role players in the market, but rather about the value we offer to the industry. Although the South African agricultural insurance market is relatively small and highly competitive, only a small percentage of the total crop is insured on an annual basis, which leaves a lot of room for growth. This is where we see our o