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4373 Protek Nutri Green Strip Ad ENGLISH.pdf 1 2018/06/14 10:01 AM LANDBOUKUNDIG The best nutrition for your garden, the NutriGreen way! • Carbon enriched to enhance the quality of soil • Composted poultry manure • Pathogen, parasite and weed seed free • Pelletised for easy and convenient application • Ideal for use in all seasons C M Gwano Pellets Y • 100% organic vigor with macro and micro elements • Balanced general fertilizer for your whole garden CM MY Gro Green CY • Organic based and chemically enhanced with macro and micro elements • Ideal for all green growth CMY K Flower Power • Organic based and chemically enhanced with macro and micro elements • Ideal for all flowering and fruit plants as well as vegetables and herbs Enquire about our complete range in-store or contact us on 0861 PROTEK (0861 77 68 35) for more information Registered in terms of Act 36 of 1947 Gwano Pellets: N 21 g/kg, P 32.5 g/kg, K 27.6 g/kg, Zn 2000 mg/kg, Cu 70 mg/kg, Mo 4500 mg/kg, Fe 2200 mg/kg, B 1200 mg/kg, Mn 1000 mg/kg C 350 g/kg, Group 2 fertiliser, Reg nr B4904; Flower Power: N 48 g/kg , P 10 g/kg, K 36 g/kg, Zn 61 mg/kg, Cu 17 mg/kg, Mo 22 mg/kg, Fe 869 mg/kg, B 256 mg/kg, Mn 212 mg/kg, C 296 g/kg, B4652, Group 2 fertiliser; Gro Green: N 39 g/kg, P 10 g/kg, K 40 g/kg, Zn 61 mg/kg, Cu 17 mg/kg, Mo 22 mg/kg, Fe 869 mg/kg, B 256 mg/kg, Mn 212 mg/kg, C 315 g/kg, B4655, Group 2 fertiliser; Registered by FarmWorx (Pty) Ltd, Co Reg no 2012/092415/07, P O Box 645, Heidelberg, 1438, Tel no 011 812 9800. Distributed by: Protek, a division of PE BEE Agri (Pty) Ltd, PO Box 72, Heidelberg, 1438. Tel (011) 812 9800 or 0861 PROTEK (0861) 77 68 35, 66 SENWES SCENARIO | LENTE 2018 Nutri-Green Fertiliser for the 'green gardener' Organic fertiliser is the oldest form of plant nutrition and is still very popular amongst gardeners today. O rganic fertiliser is naturally slow releasing with natural carbon to better the retention of nutrition in your garden soil. This substantially lessens the loss of nutrients through leeching. In spite of the long duration the nutrients are kept in the soil, the pellets are easily broken down so it will not be picked up by your lawnmower. Organic fertilisers promote the activity of micro-organisms in the soil that break down plant nutrient elements into a form that is available for the plant’s absorption abilities. Regular fertilisation with organic fertiliser strengthens cell walls of the plant which in turn leads to less water required and a plant that is hardened to extreme temperatures. Organic fertiliser contains the three most important nutrient elements known as: Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P) and Potassium (K). It also contains many important micro-elements that plants require for healthy growth such as Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn) and Barium (B) to name but a few. NutriGreen Gwano Pellets is a general 100 % organic fertiliser can be used in flower beds, herb and vegetable gardens, lawns and is ideal for trees, shrubs, fruit and flower- bearing plants. Eighty percent of all gardens exist mainly of lawn and foliage plants and the only way to ensure that these plants grow well and have beautiful green leaves is to feed them with a fertiliser high in Nitrogen, ie. NutriGreen Gro Green. Everyone loves a little colour in their gardens and wants their roses to stay in bloom as long as possible. NutriGreen Flower Power is an organic-based fertiliser, enriched with potassium, ideal for fruit and flower-bearing plants as well as veggies. Whether you are a “green gardener” or not, organic and organically based products will be ideal for use in your entire garden throughout the year.