Senwes Scenario Augustus / September 2016 - Page 9

SENWES PRECISION FARMING in the vanguard of technology StarFire™ 6000 Receiver Compatibility • Same mounting bracket as StarFire 3000 deluxe shroud • Same wiring harness connector and RTK radios as Starfire 3000 • Compatible with previous and current GreenStar displays • Increased performance • New features: – Reprogrammable via USB port on receiver – Integrated data logger – Optional locking device – SF1 and RTK performance will remain the same as the SF 3000 Universal Autotrack™ • Easy to install • Compatible with SF1, SF2 and RTK • ATU works with GS2, GS3 and GS 1800 displays GreenStar™ 2 1800 • Scroll wheel for easy navigation • USB port for data transfers GreenStar™ 3 2630 • Provides full monitoring and control over all the agricultural management solutions you use in your John Deere machines GreenStar™ 2 Rate Controller Enables rate and section control of non-ISOBUS implements by serving as the interface for your GreenStar display. Controls fertiliser, chemical, nutrient and seed delivery. My choice, my Senwes. At Senwes Equipment we know what our clients want and we make sure that they get it. As the exclusive John Deere dealer we guarantee your access to the latest developments. We ensure that you have the best that money has to offer. CALL CENTRE: 018 464 7550/3 JDLink • Takes your operation to the next level of productivity and efficiency – without leaving the office • Connects your machines in the field with the office or your mobile device • Enables you: – to keep track of your fleet – monitor work progress – manage logistics – access important machine information – analyse and optimise machine performance – receive SMS alerts or e-mail messages – perform remote operator support – automate data exchange