Senwes Scenario April / Mei 2017 - Page 35

BLUE MEANS HIGH INTENSITY REDUCES PASSES RUBIN 12 COMPACT DISC HARROW The Rubin 12 from LEMKEN is the ideal tool for mixing in large quanti- ties of plant material evenly into the soil, thanks to the large 736 mm disc and a unique dual-angle to the soil. It is equally at home in hard soils. The hydraulically adjusted following rollers accurately control the working depth and crumble and fi rm the soil to leave behind an ideal seedbed. scs enable mounted di Individually ge lar th wi al de the Rubin 12 plant residue quantities of ■ Working depth of 7-20 cm, hydraulically adjusted ■ Symmetric disc arrangement to eliminate side-pull forces ■ Mixes organic matter homogenously into soil for rapid organic material decay ■ High working speed ensures intensive tillage and high acreage performance KARAT 9 COMPACT CULTIVATOR le Tool and hass shares The Karat 9 from LEMKEN is capable of loosening and mixing the soil at the same time thanks to the unique tine spacing. This means the soil is loosened and aerated while large quantities of plant residue can be mixed in without plugging up. Thanks to the share quick change sys- tem from LEMKEN and the accurate depth control it is easy to always work at the right depth with the correct share. Contact your nearest area sales manager to fi nd out more about LEMKEN Karel Munnik, director + area sales manager, 082 412 2577, Blackie Swart, area sales manager, 082 404 9651, ■ ■ ■ ■ free exchange of Maintenance free overload system for tines Working depth of 5-30 cm Available in 3-7 m working widths Heat treated wearing parts for longer service life