Senwes Scenario April / Mei 2016 - Page 18

secure backup in the cloud Guarantee a secure future, look to the cloud. TRUST US TO PROTECT YOUR VALUABLE DATA Your Data, Secure in the Cloud Gabsten Technologies is a South African data management consulting company, specialising in cloud backup technologies. With their sole focus being on data management, Gabsten Technologies makes it possible for customers to back up their data, or save a copy of all their important farm-related information in a secure remote location. Why is data protection important for farmers? Most business-owners, including farmers, do not realise the value of the data they’re working with until it’s lost. They store data on a server, laptop, PC or tablet at their office or premises which is risky because such equipment can be struck by lighting or stolen. They could also experience hardware failure or even delete a file by accident. Think about it: could you continue your farming operations without your data? Serving the local market With CloudProtect, farmers’ can continue to take care of their business safe in the knowledge that should anything happen to their data at home, or in the office, there’s a second backup stored safely in the cloud that can be accessed with an Internet connection. You can even access your data from your Smartphone, tablet or any PC with Internet connectivity – you can now be rest assured that your data is protected and always available. “What makes us different from other offerings,” says Iniel Dreyer, Managing Director at Gabsten Technologies, “is the fact that we offer small to medium businesses the opportunity to make use of cutting-edge cloud backup services and deliver local support with our product. We are a phone call away.” What does CloudProtect offer? All of the CloudProtect packages have the exact same features but differ based on the amount of storage used. Data stored with CloudProtect is completely protected and our customers can rest easy knowing that access to their data is secure; not even our system administrators have access to your data. No additional equipment is required and you only pay for the amount of data you save to the cloud on a monthly basis. Support is offered in all major languages. Contact us on: Email: Tel: +27 87 654 1615 Website: CloudProtect managed by Gabsten Technologies