Senwes Scenario April / Mei 2015 - Page 61

F UT UR E F O CUS focussed discussion on the importance of data science for farming activities he was positive that agriculture will meet the challenges it faces to farm sustainably, protect the environment, increase production and feed the growing population through revolutionary approaches. Technologies are going to be more affordable and more powerful. We will use satellites and drones to fly over our fields, get images and within hours know how to address any problems having gathered expert advice from around the globe! He says he learned that one has to change (adapt or die) and the farmers who are going to stay sustainable are embracing these new opportunities with ‘a passion to do what is right for the future’. Another positive note came from Roelf Meyer, chairman of In Transformation Initiative, a South African based institution promoting the concept of dialogue towards finding solutions. One of the subjects they look at is the NDP, food security and land reform. Together with Secretary-General of the ANC, Gwede Mantashe, they have run 3 land reform imbizos which strive to bring different views and mind sets closer to each other. He particularly stated that in all his experience the farmers they have met are not narrow minded and they are constructively working together to find solutions. Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose Lyndon B. Johnson There are committed, passionate people from all stakeholder groups who are moved by their convictions and stir up hope through their actions. These people are bridge builders, meeting in the so-called “War Rooms