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Snap Fitness makes life happier and healthier STARRLA CRAY Associate Editor Bob Ahlgren of Dassel hasn’t let knee problems stop him from going to the gym. In fact, exercise has been helping him heal faster. “I have had recent knee surgeries, and the team at Snap Fitness was very helpful in the recovery process after therapy,” he said. “I would recommend all of our community members to join Snap Fitness as they know how to take care of people!” Christina Clark, owner of Snap Fitness centers along Highway 12 from Delano to Dassel, said many people use Snap Fitness as a way to safely transition from physical therapy to regular daily activity. “Your age is just a number,” she commented “With a good attitude and the willingness to try new things, we start seeing progress in our members that they haven’t felt in years for their balance and fl exibility.” The social aspect is another perk. About one third of local Snap Fitness members are seniors, and they motivate one another to keep reaching for their goals. Member Cindy Swanson knows fi rsthand what this is like. “Establishing any exercise routine has never been an easy thing for me, but attending the classes at Snap Fitness for seniors has made a big difference,” she noted. “The friends I’ve made there miss me when I’m gone and encourage me when I’m there.” Peter and Christina Thiel are also glad they joined Snap Fitness. “We knew we needed a place to exercise, and we found this at Snap Fitness,” they said. “The staff provided an individual plan for each of us, watching and helping us each step of the way. They take an interest in any special needs we have and instruct us thoughtfully according to the specifi c group that is attending class that day. The added bonus is the friendships that have developed as we look forward to working on our health together as a caring community within Snap Fitness. It is more than a workout center; Snap Fitness has made it a place where friends come to laugh and share, while enjoying the time exercising.” Snap Fitness offers group fi tness classes that are specially designed to meet the needs of people 55 and older. Classes focus on increased mobility and balance to prevent falls, as well as resistance training to help prevent bone and muscle loss. “If I were to use one word to describe our classes, it would be fun!” Clark noted. “We have become friends and share life together in these classes.” Many seniors are able to become Snap Fitness members at no cost, or at deeply-reduced rates through their insurance plan. Snap Fitness off ers free group fi tness classes for members, some of which are specifi cally geared for senior citizens. Participants can modify the moves as needed and still get an eff ective workout. Feel good! Being physically active is one of the most important actions people of all ages can take to improve their health, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The new recommendations state that “adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity and should perform muscle-strengthening exercises on two or more days each week.” All adults are advised to avoid inactivity. The recommendations state that some physical activity is better than none, and adults who participate in any amount of physical activity gain some health benefi ts. (This content is sponsored by Snap Fitness.) Christina and Peter Thiel are proud to be members of Snap Fitness. They joined as a way to get exercise, and have made many friendships along the way. Join Snap Fitness today! Call your nearest Snap Fitness location to sign up. Members have access to all Snap Fitness centers in the nation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Delano: 763-972-9000 • Montrose: 763-675-6750 • Howard Lake: 320-543-3450 Cokato: 320-286-0030 • Dassel: 320-275-2711 Senior Connections HJ.COM Senior Connections January 2019 11