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Love lives on EMILY BYWATERS Correspondent Kermit Swanson would occasionally pick up Aileen in his plane when they were dating. SUBMITTED PHOTO Aileen Swanson browses through a book of family pho- tograpsh. She lives in Dassel with her husband of 71 years, Kermit. PHOTO BY EMILY BYWATERS Love lasting a lifetime can often seem unrealistic or simply unattainable, but such is not the case for Kermit and Aileen Swanson, who reside at Augus- tana Lakeside Assisted Living in Dassel. They have been married for 71 years, and continue to enjoy each other’s company to this day. The two have 2 children, 5 grandchildren, and 9 great grand- children. Kermit was raised on a farm in Dassel, graduating from the high school there. His wife, Aileen, joked that he should write a book, as he “had much more excitement than me!” First meeting Immediately after fi nishing school, he enlisted in the service, never dreaming there was going to be a war. However, shortly after enlisting, World War II began, and he found himself in the Air Force for six long years. Aileen, on the other hand, lived south of Litch- fi eld, graduating from the high school there, and only moved when she married Kermit. They met through some friends, and their grand- daughter recounts the story that when Kermit fi rst met Aileen, he told a friend, “That’s the one I’m go- ing to marry.” Kermit didn’t own a car for a bit while the two were dating, but he didn’t need one – he had a plane. He would pick up Aileen for dates in his airplane, and fl y her around town. They were married June 21, 1947, at Beckville Lu- theran Church, when Aileen was 21 and Kermit was 28. “We got married at a church,” Aileen noted. “In those days, everyone always had their reception in the church basement. People usually had a soloist, as well. It was a very conventional wedding.” Staying busy W ish it A w ay by C alling To day • Video Inspection & Location • Maintenance Agreements • Commercial, Residential, & Farm • Hydro Jetting • Environmentally Safe Products Call Genie Drain Cleaning today! Your drain and sewer specialists FAST, EFFECTIVE, SERVICE ������������������������������� (320) 587-4110 Senior Connections HJ.COM Aileen recounted times when Kermit would drive a car to California, where there was a shortage of ve- hicles, then sell the car for profi t. How did he get back? “He’d just buy a cheap airplane and fl y back!” As for hobbies, the two did a lot of fi shing, traveling, and camping. “We’ve been to Europe several times, and to Sweden and Germany several times.” Their favorite travel spot? “Alaska!” Senior While Kermit was a farmer, and Aileen a farmer’s wife, they still had plenty of time to offer their ser- vices to the public. Aileen worked at a factory for a while, then as a church secretary. After that, she volunteered at a nursing home for 25 years. Kermit boasts an impressive resumé, as he was on the Meeker County Commissioner Board for three terms (12 years), and on the Meeker County Co-op Board of Directors for 30 years. As for holidays, they both dearly love Christmas, on which they routinely have lutefi sk and potato sau- sage, and have had for years. As of January 3 2019, Kermit is now 100 years of age. In the end, the two – united so young – have expe- rienced what most only dream of – a love lasting a lifetime. Do you know a senior that should be in the spotlight? Please send your information to us by calling 320.485.2535 or by emailing Connections February 2019 3