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A creative mother When Eva met her future husband and decided to get married, Hull was a little disappointed, because it meant that art would no longer be Eva’s focus. “Basically, it was a choice between be- ing an artist and being a mother,” Mike said. Life was different for Eva once she had a husband and two children, but she still created art any chance she got. She did several portraits during this season, in- cluding one of Mike as a young boy. “She also took a job as a designer at a Christmas ornament company,” Mike said, explaining that Eva started as a la- borer, but when managers found out about her art, she was promoted to product de- sign. Eva’s husband, M. Dudley, was a sales- man, and the family moved many times due to his job. One of their later homes was in the Wisconsin Dells area, where Biblical Gardens took shape. M. Dudley got the idea for Biblical Gar- dens from the owner of a restaurant he of- ten visited. The owner mentioned that the property was for sale, and that it would be an ideal spot for something like that. The statues Eva Newsom created for Biblical Gardens were situated amidst trees and natural landscaping. This scene shows the crucifi xion of Jesus Christ. SUBMITTED PHOTO 100 years young This spring, Eva will be celebrating her 101st birthday. Although she is legally blind, the desire to create has never left. Evidence of this is the annual pumpkin-decorating contest at Eva’s assisted living home. For the past seven years, Eva has not only entered, but won. “Every year she says, ‘oh, I’m not going to do that again,’ but then when it comes time, she gets an idea and has to do it,” Mike commented. Eva’s prints Mike Newsom and his daughter, Caroline Wigmore, along with the rest of their extended family, have started a kickstarter campaign to help raise the funds to create prints of Eva Newsom’s artwork. For more information, visit and search for “Eva Newsom.” Eva Newsom drew this portrait of a young girl who fell asleep while posing. The original portrait is on the front side of the paper, and this sleeping one is on the back side. Senior Connections HJ.COM Senior Eva Newsom created this portrait of her son, Mike, many years ago. Connections February 2019 11