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CHANGING DIRECTIONS from Pg 1 ried, and start their own families. Sometimes, she got to teach the children of her former students, and had the pleasure of being in touch with them as they parented their own children. An unexpected loss It was a great shock when Glessing lost the job she loved in a school she had come to cherish. She expe- rienced sorrow at coming so close and then losing her dream of teaching at St. James until she retired. Her teaching had been more than a job, and she felt a deep sense of loss when she learned that, due to declining en- rollment, her position was being eliminated. Another teacher would teach a combined fi rst and second grade glass for the following school year. When she learned this news in January 2017, her feelings ran so deep that she thought about resigning. In the end, though, she felt that she “couldn’t desert her students,” and she decided to fi nish the school year. What next? Glessing said she was “very fortunate” to have a lot of support from family and many friends, students, former Marnie Glessing of Howard Lake (right) has been en- joying her new job as activities director at Augustana Lakeside Apartments in Dassel. She is pictured with Aileen Swanson. PHOTO BY DEB COX-JOHNSON students, and parishioners, to whom the decision also came as a shock. She decided to fi rst just “get practical,” and used her free time to do some medical things she had postponed. She had her cataracts removed and then went through a successful hip replacement. It seemed like a good time to get those taken care of as she considered options for the future. She thought about secretarial jobs she had held early in life, which she had liked, and decideducation to brush up on her computer skills. She refreshed her experience with Microsoft Word and Excel through communi GVBB7F'FVBǖrf"F֖7G&FfRB6V7&WF&'26RƖVBf"Bb'2BvBBb&VV2ЧFWGFW'22FR&VV7FWGFW'2&VB6RFV6FVBFFR7FW&6B&WFvB6R֖vBVFrFW6PfW26VFVBFR"&'W6W72BFV6r6R7F'FVBǖrvF6W2vF&V6&RG&frF7F6R'WB6RvWBvF&VV7F6RF֗G2FW&RvW&R6RfW'F&F2bF66W"ЦvVVBBFW&W76B6R6FVVBF&Rw&FRЦgVf"FR7W'Bbf֖ǒBg&VG2B6RWfW 7BfFFBFW"'GVGvVB6RvVFPFRv2&vB6R&ǒ&VƖWfW2FB( vVv@66W2F"RV2vFr( 6R&VƖVBW 7&GVƖfRBFƶVB&VwV&ǒvFvB&R4trD$T5D2r`VƗG6&P`VƗG`ƖfPФW&FvR6P6F 3##b3RVFVF6&R6W'FV@'&&FvPRVFvV73##b3`ЮЮЮУ 6V 6V7F2VwW7B#6VG&W&V 6G&7FVB7VV667WF67WFVFvWvBv&W2B66FW&W03##b#S6F 3##b#S6V"6V7F24