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CHUCK THIEL from Pg 9 Chuck Thiel, founder of Community Club Tours, is pictured with Norb, the main tour bus driver with Holt-Peterson Bus. SUBMITTED PHOTO Center for Senior Behavioral Health Regional innovative mental health services improving the quality of life for the older adult (320) 693-4535 ������������������������� �������������������� ���������������������� 12 Senior Connections August 2018 “I enjoy what I’m doing,” Thiel said. “I’ve got my little niche.” Anyone who would like to sign up for a tour can contact Thiel at home, 320-395-2746 (preferred) or by cell 320-224-3462. They can also email him at Tour dates and details are listed online at Early registration is encouraged, as tours sometimes sell out quickly. No one is added to the list until payment has been received. In addition to the online schedule, Thiel also publicizes tours through com- munity education brochures. He currently works with the districts of How- ard Lake-Waverly-Winsted, Sibley East, Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop, Norwood Young America, Watertown-Mayer, and Waconia. One big benefi t of Community Club Tours is that participants can avoid driving in the Twin Cities. The motor coach Thiel subcontracts with (Holt- Peterson Bus) picks people up at convenient locations like Cokato, Howard Lake, Winsted, Lester Prairie, Plato, and other communities. The tours also eliminate the need to deal with parking, plan a schedule, and make reservations. In addition, participants get the advantage of group pricing for shows. Thiel’s goal is to have a full motor coach (57 people) for each tour. The minimum is technically 25, but Thiel has occasionally run tours with as few as 20 participants. One of the most popular trips is to Fort Snelling National Cemetery just south of Minneapolis. “I did that tour seven times in one calendar year,” Thiel said. Another favorite is a tour that includes the musical comedy, “Church Base- ment Ladies.” Thiel usually does about one tour per week during the warmer months, sometimes more. Because people don’t like to go out as much during the win- ter, he slows to about one tour per month January through March. Running Community Club Tours requires a high level of p д)ѕѥѼх+q$յЁٕѡ$݅́ݕɔѼɴtQ)ͅ)%ѥѼɕ䁽ɝ镐Qͼ́ɹѼqɽ)ݥѠѡϊtѡЁЁͽ)!ɕ́ѽȰȁхݡɕхɅЁ啔ͅѡ)ոЁ͔ѥم!ݕٕȰQéɕɑ̃L)ѡɕхɅӊéȃL͡ݕѡЁQɕ͕مѥ́ݕ)مȁѡЁ)Q啔ѡɕхɅЁݹȰݡɕѼ)ͽѡѼЁQéɽ݅ͻeЁѼ݅ЁѡЁՔѼѡ)ѽȁ͍ձ+q$ݡ́ձtQͅ)MQѡɕЁ5éѡͥՅѥ+qQݕɔȳtQͅq]Ёѡɽєٕ役é)ѡȁ̻t)9ѕȁݡаQ́Ѽոѵɔ́ѽ̸M)ɥ́ɔɕѽ݅ɑ́ձ̰ݡѡ́ɔɕЁȁɕݥѠѡ)ɕ́ȁɅɕ̸) ܁ɔݼᅵ́ѽ̸Q͕ѡձ͍ձѼ)Ʌ̹ѽ+QՕ͑䰁՜܃L!ɥЁ%ͱMиAհѼͥѕ́ѽɥ)Ʌѕե͔ݡɅٕ́ѡɽ՝ѡɐMեх)ɕձ̸QɔݥՙЁɉՕձɬ)ݥѠչ̰ɕȁɸɕхѼͅͱܰ݅ѕɵ)ݕ̰́+]͑䰁՜ȃL%ٕ́Ցѽɥմ ѽѼ͕ѡ ȴ) ЁᥕM܁ Qɥ́ݥѠչٕɥ)ɉՕɥ̰ɽ͔ͽѡɸ屔ɕ̰)ͱܰɸɕȁ͍ե́ݥѠ䁉ѕȰͽѕ͕̰)ȁѕ)Mȁ ѥ́!( =4