Senior Connections Senior Connections Aug. 2018 - Page 11

Local columnist ends her 50-year career JAN ENGELHARDT Correspondent “It is mind-boggling sometimes,” mused Cathy Stifter, refl ecting upon her 50 years as a local news columnist. “It’s just unbelievable. Yeah, I didn’t think I’d ever make it 50 years in writing. I hate to call it quits, but I’m going to have to.” When you meet Cathy for the fi rst time, you are likely to be enveloped in a warm hug, because, as she said, “Hugs are better than handshakes.” The lively, outgoing octogenarian cites the demands of family and wanting more time for her grandchil- dren and for community activities, as well as the competition of electronic media and news sources, as reasons for her decision to retire. “Now, it’s going into email, the internet, plus Face- book, but nobody tells me anything. Some weeks, I hardly had anything, which is frustrating, because I wanted to do it, but I see so many editors, and what have you, that are retiring at this time, and I did turn 80. “And, I’ve been really, really busy. I have a Downs Syndrome daughter, Laura, and she’s 35 and working fi ve days a week, which is great, but she still needs a lot of my attention. “My husband, Vince, has been ill since January, so he’s been taking up a lot of my time. And if we make it to August, we will be married 60 years. I N( 2P&RFrF&V6( ХFR7&Ff"w&Fr6&VW"BG2&G2আW"6FB֖vVVRt66&FrF6F( ėB7F'FVBvVv2&W@V'2BFN( 2rvB7F'FVBWfV66FVBvWGFrWg&BbFRw&WBvfr&r&W'B'WBvfRRV6RbW"BV@6w&FRRvRFr&( ĆrvB7F'FVBגגFBBא'&FW'2BV67VW"vRvVBG&fRg&Ф֖vVVRFg&VG6tBFRVBFBvP7FVBvFv266FV6W"v6FBFP6Vf"FV"6Ww7W"6WRv0&VFrW"7GVfbBFVvB( v6( BƖRFFFB6VF( rB&VBW&RsV'0FW"( Х7FgFW"vVBFw&FRW"W"Ww26VvR&6r66G&VRV'FRBW&6R767FVBFRf֖ǒ'W6W72"ebWF6W'f6R6VFW"FVvB&VƖv676W0f"#RV'2BvFW'Fv( 27VFR66WF6FƖ26W&6B6FVW2FfVFVW"FPW"6VG6F&Vvw&FrW"6VfVGW&r6Ww26WG2cFW67&&rF6RV&ǒF26R6B( ŖV'2vB6V6Ww2vV7F'FVB6VBfPFw2FRW#vf6FVBvv76VBvvvVBFgVW&2v@&'FF2vVBWfVWB&'FV6VVG0"w&GVF2W6VBF&R&RFƗ7Bw&GVF'FW2FRVRFBvW&RFW&RFWv2@6F7FgFW"2rf'v&BF7VBЦr&RFRvFW"( ƗGFRFV'2( Х5T$ԕEDTBD6RWw2f"R7V6&'FF'FW2v6v2w&VBW7Bf6F'2FBv2fW''FBFFR&VFW'2WfVvVFFw2vVBfRvVFFw0Ɨ7FVBvBvGFV'&VBg&Fv&'F2ƖVBFWBF6Rb6V&Gg&W"@&'( B6FVBvWBFRvFvFV &&W2W6VBFfRƖRbvRbגWw2V6W"( ХvV6VBFFW67&&RrW"&W'Fr@6vVBF&VvWBFRV'26F6B( ŖW2fW'6vW2fW'6vW2V'2vvVBfRƗ7BbFRVRFvvvFV@Ww2ג6VbFWFF( B6R&Vf&RאGVRFFRvVBFfRBGVBWBBvWBBFFRWw2n6W2vVB6FVFRvB&Vf&RFVvVBGRBWBRrV'2v@FRBƖƖƖVGWw&FW"gFW"V&'&VvBRVV7G&2GWw&FW"@v&VBƗGFR&B&WGFW"'WBvW'27FFR֗2ЧFW26RBFW&6RFVBf6R6( BfBFV6bFRn6W27FF( BrrFvWBFFPV6ג6V6WG2BWf"RvVv@FFגWw2gFW"VBv2BV6W"ג6আBB6WB66VBW7BWBFRƗGFRF66V6V66"Ww2n6RBt4W7BƖPFBFBV&rFW6RFR6WFW"vFWBFP6WFW"vVBGRBW&BBWBFV6PWW&RB6VBBFRf6RFFRFffW"ЦVBn6W2( ėBv2vBFRFVvF( BF֗76V@vVV6( B&VV&W"WfW"BfrWw0SV'2WfVvBFRWw2FRvVv0FR7Fvfr&'FvFRFBBFR7F&VB6F6BFBFrFRW"Ww26VFF( BfVƖRv&FVv( F2v2גgV( 6R6B( ėBv2VFW'FrBRFBFRVRv&VBBVVBB( Х6V"6V7F24Х6V FW&W7FVBw&Frf 6V"6V7F36F7BW2@6V$W&FW&6Ф6V7F2VwW7B#