Senior Adult Ministry Catalog - Page 7

General Information Hospital Visitation Information If you have a surgery scheduled in the near future or if at any time a hospital emergency presents itself, contact Regina Scovill-Bilski in our Pastoral Care Ministries Department located at the Yellow House. Our hospital visitation pastor would like the opportunity to visit and pray with you prior to your surgery or during unexpected illness and stays at area hospitals. Call us at 956-9377, ext. 3672 to advise us of your hospitalization or surgery times. Loss and Bereavement Information Times of loss and tragedy can come upon us in a moment. Calvary’s Pastoral Staff is here to assist in these difficult times. Please let us know when a family member or loved one has passed into eternity. For more information, regarding funeral services and arrangements contact Kristen White at 956-9377, ext. 5155. Address Change Information Have you moved recently? Are you planning a move to a new residence in the near future? Please be sure to let us know. Also, when calling make sure we have all your contact information correct in our church database. That way you will receive all mailings and information needed to keep in touch with Calvary Church and for us to keep in touch with you. Contact Pam Tuinstra, Ministry Assistant to Technical Services, at 9569377, ext. 5150 to notify us of your move. Senior Shuttle Van Service This new easily-accessible shuttle van operates 30 minutes prior to our first service, between first and second services, and 30 minutes after our second service. It transports attendees parked in Lot #1 (adjacent to Bradford Street) to Entrance N. New bench seating and hand rails have been added at Entrance N to accommodate those in need of such assistance. This Entrance provides easy access to the Sanctuary or the elevator to fellowship hall.