Senior Adult Ministry Catalog - Page 6

Hands of Jesus Ministry Ministry Coordinators: Glenn DeMots ( and Bill Skinner ( “Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.” Proverbs 3:2 Hands of Jesus is a Calvary Church ministry which connects volunteers who have skills and a desire to serve, with fellow Calvary members who have a need. This service is provided without charge in an atmosphere of mutual respect and blessing. We invite Calvary members to refer someone they know who has a need or for a member to contact us directly to express how we can be of help. If you are willing to serve as a Hands of Jesus volunteer or if you need help with something from the following list of services, please contact Glenn or Bill. We will answer your questions and connect you with the ministry as a service provider or recipient. The areas where the ministry can add the most value to those in need include: Electrical Repair: Resolve and repair electrical issues. Painting: Provide internal and external painting assistance. Plumbing: Provide repair or replacement of home plumbing fixtures, drains and pipes. Yard Work: Provide raking, mowing and various yard work. Cleaning: Provide house cleaning or minor repairs for elderly or disabled. Meal Preparation/Delivery: Provide a meal for an individual or family when needed. Furniture Moving: Help with the moving of furniture or appliances. Transportation: Provide transportation for doctor appointments or other needs. Respite Care: Care for a few hours for an individual to provide relief for a caregiver. Handyman Projects: Provide minor home repairs and help with small jobs. Carpentry: Repair or provision of small carpentry projects. Jesus Hands of a ministry of Calvary Church