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Timing is everything! Price your home to sell when its market exposure and buyer interest are highest How you price your home will directly impact how many buyers, showings, and offers you will attract, as well as how easily it will sell. However, the practical dynamics of attracting those qualified, motivated buyers who will pay top market value for your home is a little more complex. That’s because you’re far more likely to get top market value if you sell your home during a certain “golden window of opportunity” during the time your home is on the market. Your Houlihan & O’Malley agent will advise you. Reducing the price leads to buyers’ perception that your listing is “stale”. In that case, your home will not generate as much interest as if you’d priced it properly from the start. The bottom line: realistic pricing IS strategic! Price your home realistically right from the start so that you best leverage buyer interest. If you do so, you’ll not only attract more buyers, you’ll attract the right buyers: those who are qualified, motivated, and willing to pay top market value for your home. The consequences of overpricing The strategy of overpricing your home when you list, thinking that you can reduce the price later, might seem logical. However, it seldom works. In fact, sellers who overprice their homes – even just 10% above market value – and then reduce the price one or more times – often end up getting less than they would had they priced it realistically from the very start. Here’s why: • Fewer buyers – will respond if they think your house is overpriced • Fewer agents will show your home to buyers if they know your house is overpriced • You’ll get fewer (if any) serious offers because buyers may consider doing so a waste of time SELLER’S GUIDE 914.337.7888 7