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Making your home more enticing to buyers First impressions count! Buyers begin judging your home the moment they see it. They prefer to see homes that are well-maintained, clean, and clutter-free. Home improvements should be high on your list. Make needed repairs, upgrade kitchens and bathrooms if possible, and do some renovation work. All of these actions will make a big difference in the selling price. Renovations – Which ones are market-smart? Sometimes homeowners resist renovation work because they fear they won’t recoup the cost. But in many cases, minor renovations will more than pay for themselves. Here are a few “market-smart makeovers” you might consider: • Kitchens – Consider putting in new flooring, counter tops, appliances and lighting, as buyers typically look for updated kitchens. You’ll recover a large percentage of your expenses upon resale. • Bathrooms – Opt for good lighting, large mirrors, attractive fixtures and materials, and plenty of storage. Repaint using neutral colors. • Energy-Efficient Improvements – Think “green”! Energy-saving upgrades and repairs that reduce fuel bills can be a real selling point. When considering renovations in anticipation of selling, there are two important rules: don’t over-renovate, and be careful not to make renovations which please you personally, but which might turn off prospective buyers. We will be able to counsel you on which renovations are likely to be good investments in terms of your overall plan. SELLER’S GUIDE 914.337.7888 3