Seller's Guide - Page 12

Negotiating the Best Possible Deal 1. Don’t show your hand In both buyer’s and seller’s markets, it is crucial to keep certain aspects of your situation (e.g. your finances, why you’re selling, how urgently you need the sale) completely private. Remember, it’s the job of the buyer’s agent to get the best deal they can for their client, so any vulnerability you show could end up working against you. This is not the same, however, as expressing your priorities very clearly throughout the negotiations. Properly done, a firm statement of your priorities will strengthen your position. It is the responsibility of your Realtor® to make sure the buyer and buyer’s agent only know what they are legally entitled to know and, beyond that, what you want them to know. 2. Understand and respect the buyer’s priorities If, during the negotiations, you can find out more about the buyer’s priorities, you’ll not only improve your position, but you’ll also be able to resolve any obstacles more creatively and sensitively. For exam KY