Seller's Guide - Page 11

3. Important! Keep your home available (and ready) for showings You should do your best to ensure that Particularly during the first weeks after your home is always ready to be shown. you list your property, real estate agents You never know when the right person is will want to show it to their clients. It is going to look at it! especially important during this window of opportunity, when interest will be at its With rare exception, negotiating the transhighest, that you make your home availaction is the most complex part of selling able for showings, preferably at the time a home. At the same time, it’s the one requested by the buyers’ agents. that can involve the most creativity. That’s why it is important to have an experienced Occasionally, this may pose an inconveand savvy Realtor® who has successfully nience for you but, if you want to maxiworked through many different transaction mize the number of qualified, motivated scenarios. buyers who see your home, then it has to be available to be shown. The buyer’s ReThis includes: keeping in mind your situaaltor® will meet the buyer at your home tion, priorities and needs, not giving your and tour the property with them. Allow situation away to the buyer and buyer’s your agent to place a lockbox on your door. agent, trying to understand and respect the priorities of the buyer, being creative and, The use of a lock box eliminates the need where necessary, willing to compromise to for the Buyer’s Agent to pick up the key get the deal done. and then return it to your Realtor®’s office. SELLER’S GUIDE 914.337.7888 11