Seekonk Speedway Race Magazine June 23rd-28th Recap - Page 72


Mason Tessier showed his comfort in the new Bandolero cars running out to a 2.264-second win over Evan Marchand. Tessier showed a tour-de-force, leading from the second lap to the finish of the 15-lap feature and at times leading by as much as the length of a straightaway. Zachary Martinez collected third, followed by Connor Souza and Tyler Tomassi to complete the top five. It was a clean race which ran green-to-checker.

At the start, Tomassi came off the pole into the lead while outside polesitter, Martinez, dropped into second. Tessier, who started on the pole, remained outside and ran forward into the lead. By lap three, he had taken a half-straight lead over the field. Tomassi dropped back to fourth as Martinez and then Marchand battled past. Marchand then went to work on Martinez, ducking underneath while behind them, Souza was ducking below Tomassi.

By lap five, Marchand had taken second but got loose in turn four. Souza advantaged the moment, getting by Martinez and then Marchand into second. Two laps later, Tessier was ¾ of the straight ahead of his pursuers. The following lap, Marchand looked under Souza and they traded paint in turn two as the field strung out behind them. Martinez passed Souza and Tomassi then went to Souza’s outside then dropped in. Martinez, Souza and Tomassi now were running nose-to-tail as the laps wound down.

At the finish, it was Tessier coasting home with a significant lead, followed by Marchand with a significant lead over Martinez, Souza and Tomassi.

Completing the field were Brittany Campbell in sixth followed by Maddie Harkin and Wesley Heard.