Sectorial Brochure Agri-Food Sector of Armenia/BA - Page 7

TRADE OPPORTUNITIES ACCESS TO A CONSUMER MARKET WITH 1.5 BILLION PEOPLE WITH 0% OR REDUCED CUSTOMS DUTIES EAEU - 0% tari rates, 183.4 million FTA with Iran & Vietnam - 0% or reduced tari rates, 172.9 million FTA with CIS & Georgia - 0% tari rates, 98 million (EAEU excluded) GSP + (EU & UK) - 0% or reduced tari rates, 511.8 million GSP (Canada, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, USA) - 0% or reduced tari rates, 503.5 million BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT DOING BUSINESS 2019 41 MODERATELY FREE st STARTING A BUSINESS 8 6 th ECONOMIC FREEDOM INDEX 2018 44 th REGISTERING PROPERTY 14 th INVESTMENT FREEDOM 75 % MOSTLY FREE OUT OF 190 COUNTRIES OUT OF 180 COUNTRIES Source: World Bank, Doing Business Database Source: Heritage Foundation Database Takes 3 days to open a company, 7 days to register property Five-year investment protection from changes in legislation E cient e-governance services in place Free exchange of foreign currencies and repatriation of profit 100% foreign ownership permitted Well-regulated banking system No restrictions on investment sectors Foreign companies registered in Armenia have the right to buy land