Sectorial Brochure Agri-Food Sector of Armenia/BA - Page 4

EXPORT OF PROCESSED FOOD Main products: canned fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, meat and fish products and products thereof, milk and other dairy, flour and bread, di erent types of juices SUGAR CONFECTIONERY, CHOCOLATE, FLOUR AND BREAD MEAT, FISH AND PRODUCTS THEREOF +121.2% +74.6% Processed food export 2017 +48.4% GROWTH RATE IN 2017 IN 2017 Processed food industry overview in 2017 £ Constitutes 4.5% of Armenian total exports £ Armenia exported about $100.8 million worth of agro-food products £ About 39% of agro-food export are meat, fish, and products thereof £ Booming export of sugar confectionery, chocolate, flour and bread products £ Russian market is the biggest consumer of Armenian agro-food products, followed by Iran and Georgia. 66.5% of all agro-food products were exported to Russia PROCESSED FOOD EXPORT STRUCTURE, % OF EXPORT IN 2017 Meat, fish, and products thereof 39% Canned fruits and vegetables 24.7% 16.1% Dairy products Sugar confectionery, chocolate, flour and bread products Other products 12.8% 7.4% Source: National Statistical Service of RA 3