Sectorial Brochure Agri-Food Sector of Armenia/BA - Page 3

EXPORT OF BEVERAGES Main products: brandy, wine, beer, champagne and nonalcoholic drinks, including water and mineral waters Brandy export 2017 +40.1% GROWTH RATE 2014 2017 12.4% AVERAGE ANNUAL GROWTH Wine export 2017 +79.6% GROWTH RATE 2014 2017 30.1% AVERAGE ANNUAL GROWTH Beverage industry overview in 2017 £ Constitutes 10.9% of Armenian total exports £ More than 70% of the total production of Armenian beverages is exported £ Armenia exported about $241.8 million worth of beverages £ About 95.8% of beverage exports are alcoholic drinks, such as brandy, wine, beer, etc. £ Armenian brandy export constitutes about 3% of the world’s total brandy export £ Russian market is the biggest consumer of Armenian brandy, followed by Ukraine and Georgia. 86.4% of all exported brandy was exported to Russia £ Over the last few years, Armenian wine market has expanded to Lithuania, China, and the US £ The average export price of Armenian liquor, spirits and non-denatured ethyl alcohol was 8.1 USD/litre £ The average export price of Armenian wine was 3.4 USD/litre 2