seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2018 - Page 57

3 2 STEERPROP LTD TEBUL OY P.O. Box 217 FI-26101 Rauma Finland Phone +358 2 8387 7900 Fax +358 2 8387 7910 Luumäentie 2 FI-21420 Lieto Finland Phone +358 50 540 6031 Contact Person Jussi Uusitalo, Managing Director Specialty Areas Azimuth Propulsors for demanding applications. Steerprop Ltd. combines the reliability of proven technologies with the efficiency of modern design to produce azimuth propulsors of exceptional quality and excellent reliability. Steerprop Azimuth Propulsors can be made up to 20 MW in power or even in the most stringent ice-classes. 8 Specialty Areas TEBUL OY has been designing and manufacturing watertight bulkhead sliding doors since 1961. Our self-tightening 24VDC fully electric watertight bulkhead sliding door is a fourth-generation product. The primary self-tightening is based on metal to metal contact with rubber seals for initial tightening. The higher the pressure, the larger the force exerted on the door. Tebul doors are approved to be installed into A-60 bulkheads. Tebul doors are available also in the Eex-version, for Explosion Hazardous areas. 4 UUDENKAUPUNGIN TYÖVENE OY OY VALLILA CONTRACT AB Telakkatie 8 FI-23500 Uusikaupunki Finland Phone +358 2 846 4600 Fax +358 2 841 4347 Nilsiänkatu 15 FI-00510 Helsinki Finland Phone +358 20 776 7700 Fax +358 20 776 7701 Contact Person Juha Granqvist Contact Person Miku Berner Facts & Figures Turnover: EUR 30 million approx. Personnel: 80 Established: 1987 Facts & Figures Turnover: EUR 37 million Personnel: 135 Established: 1935 Specialty Areas Building of aluminium workboats, such as Pilot Cutters, Oil Combat Vessels, Service Ships for Channels Building of small steel vessels, such as Road Ferries, Offshore Patrol Vessels, Passenger Vessels for commuter traffic Specialty Areas Textile design Textile full turnkey solutions, measuring, sewing, installation All system solutions, electrical and manual Large collections on Imo certified fabrics NOTES 1. Consulting 2. Equipment 3. Machinery 4. Materials 5. Safety 6. Systems 7. Turnkey Deliveries 8. Yards 9. Other seatec 2/2018 company directory 57