seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2018 - Page 49

ABB ABILITY ™ FOR INNOVATIVE ELECTRIC WATER TAXI A futuristic, zero-emission new design of water taxi, called SeaBubbles, was demonstrated today on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. The vehicle represents a milestone in the development of new forms of trans- portation that do not impact the environment or place any burden on urban infrastructure. The water taxi will soon be equipped with the ABB AbilityTM Marine Advisory System – OCTOPUS, a software solution that helps vessel operators gather and analyze all relevant data to optimize water travel. The development of the demonstration craft was supported by the Geneva cantonal authorities and the Department of Energy, Transport and Agriculture (DETA), represented by State Councilors Luc Barthas- sat and Pierre Maudet, drawing on technology from ABB. Further trials will continue in the months ahead. The ABB Ability™ Marine Advisory System – OCTOPUS will be deployed by the pilot project begin- ning in early May. The OCTOPUS system will enable ABB to provide real-time data to the SeaBubbles con- trol center, covering virtually every aspect of the ves- sels’ operating status. Q More information: A FIFTH SHIP IN THE MERAVIGLIA CLASS FOR STX FRANCE One year after the delivery of the first ship in the MERAVIGLIA series, the second unit, MSC Bellissima, was launched yesterday. It was during this ceremony – held in the presence of the official representatives of the MSC Cruises line and French Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire – that this new order was announced. As well as this announcement, there was confirmation of the start of production of the first two units in the MSC Series World Class series – the next generation of ships deliverable from 2022. MERAVIGLIA V, A TECHNOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGH THANKS TO A CHANGE TO GAS PROPULSION “We are proud to be the preferred industrial partner of the With a design identical to MSC Grandiosa and MSC Virtuosa, MSC Cruises group, whose growth we have been supporting over (length = 331 metres, width = 43 metres, passenger cabins = the past 15 years: 13 ships have been delivered to MSC since 2003 2 400), this new unit sets itself apart from other ships in that it is and three are currently under construction. There is also the fifth propelled by natural gas stored in liquefied form. This technology ship in the Meraviglia series and the first two in the World Class was developed by the shipyard that was one of the pioneers at series. These figures clearly demonstrate our client’s intensified the start of this century, implementi ng it on LNG tankers. Other growth plan and our commitment to supporting its ambitions,” technological innovations are also planned, particularly regard- stated Laurent Castaing, Director General of STX France. Q ing water processing, in order to meet the highest standards in terms of respect for the environment. More information: seatec 2/2018 49