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FOCUS ON SAFE AND RELIABLE APPLICATION- SPECIFIC BEVEL GEARS A TA Gears has a long history of designing bevel gears for vari- ous different kinds of marine and industrial applications. Dur- ing recent times the growing requirements have led to a need for more optimized gears. ATA has devoted a lot of effort to deliver- ing gears that meet customers’ strictest demands. Based on close co-operation with many of the customers, ATA has attained a deep, application-specific understanding of the most important aspects of spiral bevel gears; tooth contact, heat treatment, material science, manufacturing technology and endurance testing. At ATA, a proven simulation-based design concept is applied, in which the tooth geometry can be optimized as a part of a sys- tem-level analysis, taking into account the effects of the entire driveline environment. Heat treatment and material science have As the gears are expected to function reliably for years or been among the core areas of research. During the last decade, even decades under extreme loads, ATA’s customers can gain ATA has, as the forerunner, intently increased its production capac- many benefits through these improvements in their demanding ity and knowledge in 5-axis technology. The test bench helps pro- applications. Q vide systematic evidence of the long life of ATA’s gears, designed and manufactured using the latest technologies. More information: CHAMPION DOOR HAS INSTALLED ONE OF THE WORLD’S LARGEST DOORS IN GERMANY C hampion Door has delivered and installed one of the world’s manufactured at the Champion Door factory in Nivala Finland. largest shipyard doors to Neptun Werft (a part of Meyer Werft Every Champion Door door is designed to meet the specifications Papenburg) in Rostock, Germany. and wishes of the customer. The door is 60 m wide and nearly 50 m high, and that is The functional reliability, large size and applicability of the about the size of half a football field! The door was designed and Champion Door fold-up fabric doors for different types of build- ings makes them very competitive for use in shipyards and har- bours. Thanks to the innovative lifting mechanism, the Champion Door doors do not require rails on the ground or large oversized frame structures, thus creating savings in construction costs. They are also extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free. The advantages of the large shipyard doors developed by Champion Door are reasonable weight and excellent wind load resistance. Thanks to the mullion, the door can be manufactured in sev- eral sections. In addition to the big shipyard doors, the compa- ny’s door range offers several options for many different types of buildings, aircraft halls, industry and crane openings. Champion Door also offers the market’s only door with special thermal insu- lation (NK4 Warm). Q More information: seatec 2/2018 45