seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2018 - Page 39

Preparations for the Blue Industry Park were started when Meyer acquired the Turku shipyard. “It was apparent that new tangible logistics solutions were required to ensure the operations of the shipyard. Conse- quently, the municipality of Turku started to consider a larger concept for an indus- trial park that would not only serve the needs of the shipyard but would also fit in with the bigger picture of business life in Turku.” FINE-TUNING FOR ROADMAPS Since Meyer Turku did not need the entire PERFECTION FROM THE BIGGEST PROJECT TO THE SMALLEST DETAIL land area that had been designated for shipbuilding purposes, City of Turku had a surplus land area of some 65 hectares next to the actual shipyard that can now be converted to an industrial park. “The initial Blue Industry Park con- cept designed by Elomatic Oy is a good starting point for development, but some fine-tuning may be needed yet. For instance, the final phase that includes • IEC MARINE AND OFFSHORE CABLES • NEK 606 OFFSHORE CABLES • FLEXIBLE CABLES • INDUSTRIAL CABLES • OPTICAL FIBRE CABLES We provide the perfect connection for your business. Connect with us at Helkama Bica Oy, Lakimiehenkatu 4, 20780 Kaarina tel. +358 2 410 8700, building a new wharf would be quite an expensive investment. It will probably only be realised if there is a real demand for it,” Mr. Liski says. What is certain is that new roads leading to the Blue Industry Park area will be built – and some of them are already under construction. “The existing road infrastructure has proved to be insufficient. A new roadway connecting the gates of the shipyard is now being built, in addition to the new roads leading to the industrial park. This means an investment of two to three mil- lion euros for the city of Turku,” Liski expects. Further development and marketing of the industrial park concept will next be carried out by Turku Science Park, a city- owned development company. For one thing, a model for providing such basic services as energy supplies, security, and waste-collection will be required. “The first residents are expected to move in to Blue Industry Park in late 2018. That will be the start. At this point, it is dif- ficult to say when the park will be quite finished,” Liski points out. Q seatec 2/2018 39