seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2018 - Page 32

Mr. Jyrki Heinimaa, the new CEO for Rauma Marine Constructions Oy. linjen A/S expects to utilise the ship mainly for short-distance daytime operations, the number of cabins is lower than it would be in long-range cruise ships of similar size.” The vessel is equipped with 18 cabins for passengers. Additionally, 12 cabins have been added to be utilised by the crew. ”The interiors of the ship will be fin- ished by the time the seaborne tests are expected to start,” says Heinimaa. SHIPBUILDING WILL CONTINUE The main engines installed on the ship are two 4 880 kW diesel engines manufac- tured by Wärtsilä. The ship’s rudders, axle rods and transmission gear were delivered by Rolls-Royce. Ship design was carried out Rauma shipyard has been back in the shipbuilding business since the summer of 2016. by Deltamarin Oy and Bluetech. The shipbuilding work at RMC’s yard has been going smoothly. ”The most challenging thing about through the entire project so fluently,” total investment for these ships is 1.2 bil- Heinimaa compliments the shipbuilders. lion euros, including the weapons systems. this ship has been that this was the first In the near future, RMC is expected The new corvettes have been sched- newbuild project of RMC’s re-opened to close the deal for building four new uled to be taken into operational service shipyard. Taking this into account, it was corvettes for the Finnish Navy, in connec- in the late 2020s. a fine achievement for our crews to carry tion with the Squadron 2020 project. The 32 seatec 2/2018 ”Building of car and passenger fer-