seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2018 - Page 20

One of the additional targets set by the programme’s steering group was the development of Finland into a centre of Arctic information, but the development of solutions related to autonomous maritime navigation turned out to be the most important theme in the entire programme. interest among business enterprises, says “ hand, fully apply the principles of flexible rapid changes: for example, the Finnish Moilanen. R&D and are able to benefit from the local shipyards made a great comeback and the environment and solid collaboration with price of oil fell. The biggest surprise for authorities.” Moilanen herself was the sheer speed of central role in more than 60 % of the pro- The centre’s gramme’s projects,” says Moilanen. One of the additional targets set by operation failed to the programme’s steering group was the development of Finland into a centre of attract sufficient interest. Arctic information, remote operation, test- ing and training. Unfortunately, when lim- ited strictly to the Arctic concept, the cen- tre’s operation failed to attract sufficient TESTBED APPROACH: ALIVE & WELL The testbed philosophy is, nevertheless, In addition to these three areas, digitalisation in the maritime industry as doing well, Moilanen believes. “Compa- Moilanen points out that sustainability players, big and small, started investing in nies are interested in linking the diverse issues were bolstered during the three- new technologies and solutions. testbeds of smart traffic into a network year period as well as solutions relating and in the international marketing of ser- to advanced materials. vices.” In addition, the new Business Fin- “Still, the big changes and oppor- tunities of new enabling technologies lie “The latter includes preventing ahead of us,” she says, expecting “blue land organisation is keen on developing the freezing of machinery and adopting growth” from such new areas as floating the testbed network onwards. steel grades which perform well in the offshore structures and renewable mari- Arctic.” time energy production. “Finland has a great know-how plat- form in especially energy efficiency and “There is a lot of potential in the new digitalisation and these areas keep cre- FULL SPEED AHEAD innovations, but collaboration between ating exciting global markets for busi- Looking back at 2014–2017, Moilanen various fields and stakeholders is needed nesses. Testbed operations, on the other points out that the period was marked by in order to reach new markets.” Q 20 seatec 2/2018