seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2018 - Page 19

Large Giant Champion Door Fabric fold-up Doors and partition walls: - for most challenging conditions - unlimited size - excellent sealing - reliable - durable - minimal maintenance - low life cycle cost THINK WIDER cation solutions and situational pictures include the 5G programme, set to con- clude at the end of 2019, and the recently initiated New Space Economy programme. LEADING THE WAY According to Moilanen, the hefty roster of the Arctic Seas programme offers clear proof that Finland is – indeed – a major global power in Arctic maritime. “We do have diverse expertise and a strong future- | info @ champ iondo or.c om | championdo or.c om “ The period was marked by rapid changes. which is nearly €40 million. A significant DIGITAL FOOTPRINT At the beginning of the programme, proportion of these projects are producing In addition to energy efficiency, another one of the main ideas was zeroing in on various solutions that increase energy effi- over-all theme was digitalisation. The solutions that reduce emissions. Therefore, ciency – and the need to develop energy- objective here was to accelerate the devel- one of the programme’s targets was to efficient solutions is still growing. opment of data platforms, for example, as orientation in this field.” use cleantech in order to create compet- “The new Smart Energy programme, well as remotely operated and automated itive advantage for the Finnish maritime kicked off in 2017, invites developers of solutions that support proactivity. Digital- cluster. the maritime cluster’s energy solutions isation is also useful in bringing relief in According to Moilanen, the Clean- to join the programme. The programme challenging