seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2018 - Page 18

A rctic Seas programme (2014–2017) combating arctic oil spills. Some of these on developing and investing in, even now dived deep into the arctic expertise areas involve numerous innovations: as the programme itself is over and done with. of the Finnish maritime industries. Funded “For example, autonomous marine by Business Finland (formerly known as traffic solutions include e.g. data traffic “This is why Business Finland’s forth- Tekes), the programme featured some 150 solutions, route optimisation, remote con- coming traffic sector programme, currently projects. The total volume of the projects trol in ports, digital logistics and remote under preparation, also includes smart came to approximately €75–100 million, tracking,” says Moilanen. solutions for waterborne traffic and logis- tics. The programme is intended to start in of which Business Finland funded an aver- age of 45 %. ROBOT SHIPS, AHOY! the summer of 2018,” she says. Programme Manager Piia Moilanen In fact, the development of solutions Furthermore, data platforms for traf- from Business Finland comments that the related to autonomous maritime naviga- fic, and the solutions derived from them, most promising new business areas in the tion turned out to be the most important can also be developed in the recently programme involve autonomous marine theme in the entire programme. Moilanen begun traffic, energy efficiency, rotor sail tech- notes that autonomous shipping is also gramme. Business Finland’s tools for the nology, vessel recycling and solutions for something that companies want to keep production of efficient data communi- Augmented Intelligence Solutions relating to advanced materials were bolstered during the three-year period of the Arctic Seas programme, including preventing the freezing of machinery and adopting steel grades which perform well in the Arctic. 18 seatec 2/2018 pro-