seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2018 - Page 13

“ The energy- efficiency is really remarkable, “When taken all together, the energy-efficiency and environmental friendliness is really remarkable, even if the ship itself uses diesel.” “Over 200 people are participating in our R&D efforts daily,” he says. With considerable development mus- cle to back them up, Sillanpää and his cohorts can cover a range of issues, such even if the ship BRAIN POWER as boosting building efficiency, ship safety At Meyer Turku, Sillanpää heads an R&D and performance and the management of itself uses diesel. team of “only” ten people, but if all devel- the supplier network. opment teams in design & production are “In all our work today, digitalisation taken into account, there are far more people is a powerful force, offering plenty of busi- pushing innovation onwards at the shipyard. ness opportunities.” Q seatec 2/2018 13