seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2018 - Page 11

NEW MEIN SCHIFF 1 IN NUMBERS Length: 315 m Width: 36 m Gross Tonnage: 111 500 Number of Passengers: 3 132 Number of cabins: 1 437 “ The team went through about 200 different solutions. mond, the new ‘Lagune’ sun deck area, and glass window structure that makes up come back. Most of the work done to the new covered sports ‘Arena,’ and the the new Diamond at the aft of the ship. accomplish this is invisible. USER EXPERIENCE IS KING went through about 200 different solu- new elevated jogging track with a spec- tacular view. “In building New Mein Schiff 1, we A good example of how architec- From design to building to operating, eve- tions and technologies in order to see, tural design is combined with engineer- rything is geared towards the eventual UX what are the best matches for this spe- ing skills – and supported by sophisticated of the cruise patron. If all the elements cific ship. Dozens of those solutions are computer models from start to finish – is come together well, the cruise-goer enjoys now in use on the ship,” says Sillanpää. the impressive new 50-metre-wide steel his/her time on the ship – and wants to When doing a series of ships, it is seatec 2/2018 11