seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2017 - Page 45

New approaches to sound and weight control The requirements for the weight and sound control are under the loop. Ship-owners have higher expectations for comfort class and energy efficiency. This creates new challenges in to all project phases. With correct solutions it is possible to gain benefits in these challenges, both weight and sound. Saint-Gobain companies ISOVER and Weber solutions are both functional and certified for marine segment. I n new projects, every saved kilo is valuable. With ISOVER and uct group, which is targeted for the extreme sound reduction Weber solutions the weight can be saved over 50% compared needs. This solution can reach over 50 dB RW-value. to conventional materials. With good design and execution, the Weber has over one million square meter reference list on project can save hundreds of tons in material weight. This saving marine and offshore projects. This experience is combined to a can be utilized in the other project areas. Saint-Gobain’s global strong research and development focus. Joint development pro- approach drives the development of the new innovative solutions. jects with clients, have lead into a launch of the third generation ISOVER solutions for insulation and sound reduction are light weight self-levelling screeds. With light weight screeds it is widely used in ship building. U SeaProtect Slab and Roll are used possible to gain weight savings in very cost effective approach. for the sound reduction in the bulkheads and decks. They can also Weber flooring solutions also bring alternative approaches be used as an absorption material in flue gas dampers. ­SeaComfort to a sound control. Self-levelling screeds are highly valued in both CRoll and SeaComfort Roll are the right products for the sound new buildings as in repairs. The flooring solutions are tested by and thermal insulation in HVAC. Climliner Slab is used for the a third party institute for a confirmed performance. Solutions internal and external sound dampening in the air conditioners. are tested for impact, airborne and structural sound properties.   n All products and solution s are tested and approved for the fire and sound properties in certified laboratories. ISOVER has just launched a new SeaProtect db-Flex Alu prod- More information:, seatec 2/2017 45