seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2016 - Page 7

32 32 Bring the Performance – Making kitchens for 38 New research projects for autonomous ship the marine industry is no easy challenge technologies Luxury cruise ships – with, say, 5,000 passengers – deal with The idea of unmanned cargo ships could become a reality on the plenty of challenges in the day-to-day. As these “floating cities” world’s oceans within ten years – or at least many serious Finnish move massive volumes of food and beverage daily, it is a no- researchers and international manufacturers of marine technology brainer that the ships’ galleys have to be primed for top perfor- strongly believe so. In current research projects, the aim is to draw mance. Durability and dependability are key issues when you’re up concepts for remote-controlled and fully automatic vessels. operating a kitchen upon the waves, since the nearest service technician can be really far away on dry land. 44 New on Board 47 Company Directory 38 seatec 2/2016 5