seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2016 - Page 6

Contents 06 02 Editorial 06 Matter of Record 14 Finnish research vessels take part in Barents sea hydrographic surveying Certificates remain attractive in the eyes of the marine cluster 20 New innovation for large ships will reduce fuel subcontractors – and ongoing streamlining of the certification consumption practices should cut down on the red tape, as well. The Finn3,000 companies in the mix. However, many of them are very 26 Goliath Cometh – 1,200 ton supercrane kicks off a new era of investments in Turku small enterprises and a single order can make or break com- As the German Meyer family purchased Turku shipyard a couple panies. of years ago, there were fervent hopes that the new owner would ish maritime cluster, at surface, is a hefty ecosystem with about also invest in shipyard infrastructure. The machinery at the shipyard was still in working condition, but getting old – there was no getting around that simple fact. 26 4 seatec 2/2016