seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2016 - Page 56

2 4 2 REXEL FINLAND OY ROLLS-ROYCE OY AB P.O. Box 360 FI-05801 Hyvinkää Finland Phone +358 10 509 311 Fax +358 10 509 3222 marine.sales(at) P.O. Box 220 FI-26101 Rauma Finland Phone +358 2 837 91 Contact Person Liisa Snellman Communications Contact Person Karri Westermark Area Manager, Marine Industrial Services karri.westermark(at) Facts & Figures Turnover: EUR 468 million Established: 1988 Parent Company: Rolls-Royce plc Facts & Figures Turnover: EUR 195 million (2014) Personnel: 300 (2014) Established: 1913 Parent Company: Rexel Group Specialty Areas Electrical wholesaling; Electrical items such as electrical installation materials, cables, cable racks, cable penetrations and seals. Also deliveries of all electrical items for marine business. 7 Subsidiaries & Representatives Rolls-Royce worldwide sales and service network Specialty Areas Thrusters, propulsion systems, winch systems, stabilizers, steering gears, bearings 2 4 9 S.A. SVENDSEN OY SBA INTERIOR LTD Särkiniementie 3 B FI-00210 Helsinki Finland Phone +358 9 681 1170 Fax +358 9 6811 1768 Hållsnäsintie 99 FI-10360 Mustio, Finland Phone +358 19 327 71 Contact Persons Thomas Pökelmann, Sales Manager Johan Fagerlund, Technical Director Contact Person Kimmo Räisänen Managing Director Facts & Figures Turnover: EUR 12 million Personnel: 70 Established: 1985 Facts & Figures Turnover: EUR 15,7 million Personnel: 5 Established: 1981 Specialty Areas Complete turnkey deliveries for cruise ships and ferries Interior materials and custom made interior modules Refurbishments and refits for cruise ships and ferries 1 2 7 Specialty Areas SBA Interior is specialised in accommodation panelling and different types of beds for marine applications. Latest development is an only 16mm B-0 class and a 50 mm A-60 class light weight non-bearing bulkhead panel as well as a 20mm B-15 class Extension Screen. Another branch of SBA is subcontracting for metal industry. 4 SEAKING LTD 7 SELKA-LINE OY Valimotie 13b B, FI-00380 Helsinki, Finland Phone +358 9 350 8840 Fax +358 9 3508 8422 Contact Person Pasi Suvanto, VP Sales, Harjuviidantie 3 FI-15550 Nastola Finland Phone +358 3 882 610 Fax +358 3 882 6110 Facts & Figures Personnel: approx. 350 Established: 1985 Parent Company: SeaKing International AG Contact Person Ritva Heikkinen Business Development Manager Subsidiaries & Representatives SeaKing France, SeaKing GmbH, SeaKing Italy, SeaKing Poland, SeaKing Inc. Facts & Figures Turnover: EUR 6 million Personnel: 48 Established: 1985 Specialty Areas Established in 1985, SeaKing is the Industry’s leading provider of functional catering systems to cruise liners and other high-class passenger vessels. SeaKing supports its customers throughout the ship’s life cycle with basic design, consulting, equipment deliveries, training, maintenance and upgrading of the catering systems. SeaKing has a large production facility in Poland specialised in stainless steel (including refrigerators, service counters, ventilation hoods and pre-fabricated pantries) and a second production facility in Ft. Lauderdale, aimed at responding to the Industry’s growing renovation and repair activities. 1. Consulting 2. Equipment 3. Machinery 54 seatec 2/2016 company directory Specialty Areas Selka-line Oy manufactures high quality furniture for ships and contract use. We produce custom made furniture in various materials and we can offer wide range of standard products for restaurants, nightclubs, cafeterias, conference rooms and lounges as well for cruise ships as ferries. 4. Materials 5. Safety 6. Systems 7. Turnkey Deliveries 8. Yards 9. Other