seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2016 - Page 47

Investing in heavy machining P KP-Machining is a contract manufacturer in the metal industry. The company provides turnkey deliveries of components including welding, machining and surface treatments. We spe- cialize in deliveries of medium-weight and heavy components. Our strongest special expertise lies in the CNC boring of large pieces, milling and deep-hole boring. We have also extensive competence in machining of various materials. Our modern machine base, composed of sturdy units for demanding applications, enables us to machine pieces of up to 120 tons. The newest machine acquisition is the BOST VTL 68 CY heavy-duty 5-axis vertical lathe with max. turning diameter of 8200mm and max. turning height of 5400mm with 120 ton table, it will be installed in a new extension to the plant by the end of year 2016. In addition to heavy CNC machined pieces and bespoke small series, PKP-Machining offers the manufacture of prototypes and component repair services, putting solid expertise at your disposal.  n More information: ABB harnessing power of connectivity at Integrated Operations Centers A BB´s new marine Integrated Operations concept utilizes the Internet of Things Services and People (IoTSP) to connect ships, their owner’s technical headquarters and ABB’s support departments. In May 2016 new Integrated Operations Center was opened in Helsinki, Finland to focus on the Azipod propul- sion and passenger vessel segment. Combining the monitoring capabilities of its centres in Norway, Finland, and the Netherlands, ABB can connect to more than 600 vessels and there are further centers scheduled to open in Asia and the US in 2016.  The new facility is taking the support for ships from the shore side to the next level, bringing significant cost and safety benefits to ship owners, whilst paving the way for more autonomous shipping operations. Sensors and software onboard the ship send equipment and performance data via satellite link which allows ship owners, in collaboration with ABB’s experts, to perform remote troubleshooting and make informed judgements ABB´s Integrated Operations concept enable customers to about the ship’s performance and maintenance plan. With Inte- analyze their data more intelligently, optimize their operations, grated Operations, ship owners can reduce the need for sending boost their productivity, and their flexibility. ABB is advancing the engineers on board by up to 70% and by implement a way of IoTSP by helping the customers develop their existing technolo- maintenance planning and execution, up to 50% on dry docking gies, while keeping sight of enduring commitment to safety, reli- costs on ABB equipment can be saved if monitoring, pre-survey, ability, cyber security and data privacy. n and project execution are managed in close cooperation between ABB and the ship owner. More information: seatec 2/2016 45