seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2016 - Page 43

”Remotely controlled ships would ”Furthermore, unmanned ships need new hi-tech navigation, radar, and could not easily be captured by pirates.” camera technology on board. Also, com- Apart from this, maritime safety munication systems between the ship and – avoidance of collisions at sea for one the control centre would have to be very thing – may yet become a key issue for reliable,” Kaasinen emphasises. unmanned vessels. ”If ships could be entirely unmanned, ”Numerous points related to safety it would mean a lot of savings for the ship- and international maritime regulations still owners – not just from personnel reduc- need to be refined.” tions, but the ships themselves could be One problem is that insurance com- constructed in new ways that would ena- panies would probably regard unmanned ble them to carry larger amounts of cargo. ships as unsafe and, as such, ineligible for For instance, no cabins or mess halls would insurance. be required aboard for the ship’s personnel.” Further projects for autonomous ships are already underway. One of them “ Ships could be constructed in new ways that would enable them to carry larger amounts of cargo. The first unmanned test vessels could be operated in limited areas, perhaps close to the coastline. seatec 2/2016 41