seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2016 - Page 41

Oceangoing ships perhaps could be remotely steered from a control centre located somewhere far away on dry land. This idea would certainly change the working practices of ship controllers and captains. “ There should be no real reason why the same concept would not work aboard ships as well. T he renowned international engine the combined expertise of Rolls-Royce and concepts and technology for unmanned ships. and equipment manufacturing com- some of Finland’s top academic research- pany Rolls-Royce has participated in several ers from Tampere University of Technol- projects that could pave the way for auton- ogy and VTT Technical Research Centre of A BELIEVABLE CONCEPT omous ships. In some of these projects, ­Finland has been utilised to develop new Principal Scientist Eija Kaasinen from VTT seatec 2/2016 39