seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2016 - Page 29

In a couple of years, the Goliaths will form a real “dynamic duo” for Turku. The new 1,200 ton gantry crane – together with the old 600 ton crane – will triple the shipyard’s lifting capacity per day and will allow building and lifting bigger blocks with more outfitting. “ The gantry crane of the shipyard dated back to the 70’s. S till, the crane in question – a 600 ton Goliath by Finnish crane-maker Kone- cranes – had proven to be a valuable workhorse for the shipyard over the decades. With this in mind, Turku shipyard started talks with Konecranes about making a new delivery: a brand new Goliath, with even more size and fully equipped to handle the modern-day challenges. Finally, in April 2016 it was announced that Konecranes will deliver a new 1,200 ton Goliath gantry crane to Meyer Turku. The design, precision drive components, electrical installation and automation system and structural components will be supplied by Konecranes, while Meyer As the German Meyer family purchased Turku shipyard a couple of years ago, there were fervent hopes that the new owner would Turku will manufacture the main girder in its own hull production. also invest in shipyard infrastructure. The machinery at the shipyard STEP ONE was still in working condition, but getting old – there was no The first major step of the company’s big getting around that simple fact. For example, the gantry crane of investment program for the Turku ship- the shipyard dated back to the 70’s. yard is now becoming concrete, says Turku shipyard’s CEO Jan Meyer, obviously satisfied with the deal. seatec 2/2016 27