seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2016 - Page 27

Innovation and Technology Meyer Werft and Meyer Turku Oy build tailor made environmentally friendly Cruise Vessels and Ferries for the future with LNG as fuel and record braking speed power efficiency level. Tallink Megastar – an LNG powered fast ferry will be ready to the seas early 2017. “ A cruise ship is rarely utilised on the same route over the ship’s entire life-cycle. OPTIMISING ECONOMY AND REDUCING EMISSIONS minimised at around 85 percent load when cruise industry. Dynamic AC is another tool According to ABB researchers, fuel econ- the engine is operated at a constant speed. for cruise companies to build fleets which omy can be significantly improved by However, adjusting the speed allows for are more efficient and more environmen- adjusting the engine speed with the finding the optimal fuel consumption at tally friendly,” says Mr. Juha Koskela, Man- Dynamic AC concept. all operating conditions. A more efficient aging Director of ABB’s Marine and Ports combustion process can reduce the fuel business, based in Finland. It is possible to im­prove the power generation efficiency by adjusting the rota- con­sumption, as well as emissions. tional speed of the engines. In the case of a ”ABB has had great success provid- diesel engine, fuel consumption is typically ing power and propulsion solutions to the Dynamic AC is particularly aimed at larger ships with a power of 20 MW (megawatts) or higher. n seatec 2/2016 25