seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2016 - Page 21

Doors from the Championship series Choose Champion Door fabric fold-up doors and partition walls! Choosing Champion Door will give you doors suitable for the most challenging conditions – dependable, durable, highly insulated and with minimal servicing needs. Champion Door Oy | Hopeatie 2 | FI-85500 Nivala | FINLAND | Tel. + 358 8 445 8800 “ INTERNATIONAL SURVEYS For Meritaito Ltd, winning the Mareano | | have a lot contract is a significant opening to inter­ national hydrographic surveying projects. Meritaito’s strategy for the future of work to do. includeds expanding hydrographic sur­ veying services to international markets. Therefore, success in the bidding com­ petition for the Mareano project was an important first step, and a good reference for the future. ”In the year 2015, Meritaito Ltd sur­ Fax + 358 8 442 956 We still TAKING BEARINGS FOR veyed a total of 10,000 square kilometres | and the rest in Finnish waters,” Suon­vieri will be Finnish sailors contracted from VG affirms. Shipping. of seafloor. For 2016, our estimated total The two Meritaito ships in this pro­ ”There are a lot of uncharted waters, surveying area will be 12,000 square kil­ ject will have all-Finnish crews, with three both in Arctic regions and in Finland. ometres. Of this, approximately 10,000 members of Meritaito’s own personnel on We still have a lot of work to do,” says sq.kms will be in the Barents Sea region each working shift. The rest of the crew ­Suonvieri. n seatec 2/2016 19