seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2016 - Page 13

... a sound decision Maritime Security is a Question of Best Technologies and Systems ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Finland Oy provides Integrated Mission Systems to navies, coast guards and other operators of integrated systems, from large bridge systems to one-console systems consisting of navigation, mission management systems and communications (multi-link functionality available) integrated with customer tailored systems. ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Finland Oy CEO Jaakko Savisaari Lars Sonckin kaari 16, 02600 Espoo, Finland Mobile +358 400 314 927 ATLAS Integrated Mission System AIMS onboard the Finnish Border Guard OPV Turva ATLAS ELEKTRONIK FINLAND A company of the ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group MONEY MATTERS TARGETING 2020 zon – is finding ways to control produc- Salmi-Lindgren observes that some sup- The Finnish marine industry is still a strong tion and costs better. pliers may be hesitant to pursue certifi- growth industry with environment-saving cates for various equipment and materials and energy-efficient solutions, notes a new TRUST – BUT VERIFY in fear of mounting costs – and the lack of Brahea/Turku School of Economics report Osmo Flink from classification society DNV streamlining in the industry may only add ‘Finnish Maritime Cluster 2020’. As mar- GL Business Assurance observes that cer- to this uncertainty. itime branches into new territories, one tification gives the customer confidence “It makes sense for new companies needs marine technology experts who with regards to quality issues. The custom- coming to maritime to find out the clas- often find employment in design offices er’s demands and expectations have to do sification criteria right in the beginning,” and software providers now. According to with product quality and delivery, he says. she says. the report, there is also a lack of project “In an outsider edit, the processes It is also noteworthy that the dynam- management experts and a knowledge of the organisation as well as customer ics of maritime innovation have changed gap concerning mechanical engineering, needs and expectations are reviewed in a lot in recent times. First, the shipyards ICT, design, programming and logistics. relation to the promises made to the cus- made everything by themselves; then they The subcontractors themselves are tomer. If the results of edit are utilised, the transformed into incubators, of sorts. Pres- quite aware of the changing tides. In the outsider edit serves also to boost opera- ently, the success and innovative edge in ‘Open comments’ section of the Brahea tional development.” the maritime companies relies on visionary subcontractor study, the suppliers voiced According to Flink, the number of individuals and operating cultures which their thoughts about how to improve their issued certificates in recent years has been are open to changes in organisations and operations, whether it’s quality systems or steadily climbing as many organisations networks. More and more, we’re witness- recruiting or visibility and marketing. Still, have seen the added value of proper cer- ing the trend where new innovations in the the number one thing on subcontractors’ tification. “Some organisations have given cluster are made by start-up companies. mind – as they look into the uncertain hori- up on certification, but quite often this seatec 2/2016 11