seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2015 - Page 7

26 20 Two new advanced icebreakers on Aker Arctic’s drawing board 34 26 Extra large cruise ship being built in France STX France’s St. Nazaire shipyard is in the process of producing the largest cruise ship in the world: ’Harmony of the Seas’ ordered by Royal Caribbean International. This will be the third Oasis-class ship and it is expected to be ready for use by the summer of 2016. Along with the French professionals, numerous Finnish companies are taking part in the shipbuilding. 34 New projects will enhance Finland’s maritime export efforts Two joint maritime projects, TRIMMI and MERIT Turku, strive to help the Finnish maritime industry to become a globally competitive, prosperous and competent industry, with initiatives for business improvements in specific global market areas. Both projects aim to strengthen cooperation and collaboration between various operators in the Finnish maritime industry, maritime cluster, and ICT sectors. 42 New on Board 47 Company Directory seatec 2/2015 5