seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2015 - Page 50

8 1 2 ABLEMANS OY ACM-TRADING LTD Härjänkurkuntie 46 FI-21250 Masku Finland Phone +358 2 439 6500 Ketunleivänkuja 4 FI-21110 Naantali, Finland Phone +358 20 799 1400 Fax +358 20 799 1409 Contact Person Kari U. Laiho Contact Person Hannu Petäjäsuvanto Managing Director Specialty Areas Complete PUSHPIN®-ATB-Coupler System for Pusher Tug and Barge combinations. Available models 2 or 3 pin executions, with electropneumatic or electro-hydraulic controls with modern PLC controls. New Model! PUSHPIN®-SliderRig – Coupler enabling to be engaged during loading and discharging. Pin forces from 150 Tons up to 3 000 Tons, from River ATBs to Large Offshore ATBs, 15 systems in service. Concept design, Feasibility Studies and total installation engineering and supervision including class approvals with FEM-analysis. Electro-Hydraulic EHS Actuators for valve control and remote sounding systems with total BUSLoop systems for all kind of vessels. Cooling control systems for HT-, LT-, LO-, SW- etc. cooling circuits. Marine Pumps, Marine Butterfly valves in house already over 40 years experience. Facts & Figures Turnover: EUR 7,1 million Personnel: 12 Established: 1987 Specialty Areas Steel and Aluminium structures Shipbuilding – Shiprepairing – Conversions – Outfitting. Large capacity 1 6 See page 33 2 AKER ARCTIC TECHNOLOGY INC ANTTI-TEOLLISUUS OY, ANTTI MARINE Merenkulkijankatu 6 FI-00980 Helsinki, Finland Phone +358 10 323 6300 Fax +358 10 323 6400 Koskentie 89 FI-25340 Kanunki Finland Phone +358 2 774 4700 Fax +358 2 774 4777 Contact Person Reko-Antti Suojanen, Managing Director Contact Person Toni Leino Sales Manager Facts & Figures Turnover: EUR 10 million Established: 2005 Subsidiaries & Representatives Germany, Benipo Oy Specialty Areas Aker Arctic Technology Inc (Aker Arctic) is an independent company specialising in the development, design, engineering and testing services for the ice going vessels, icebreakers and offshore marine structures and ports. Our head office is located in Helsinki, Vuosaari Maritime Business park area. The past references include 60 per cent of all the world’s icebreakers, many Arctic or Antarctic research vessels and quite a number of different types of cargo vessels and concepts of offshore structures. 9 Specialty Areas Cabin, Accommod ][ۈ