seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2015 - Page 47

Clear savings with Kemppi FastMig X welder and WiseRoot+ special process root welding without backing Kemppi’s FastMig X product series offers superior welding quality for demanding industrial applications. It features three alternative highend sample setups for different purposes: FastMig X Regular for MIG/MAG pulse welding, FastMig X Pipe for pipe and root welding and FastMig X Intelligent for diversified welding applications, for all metals and processes. T he final setup of FastMig X is always configured to meet duces excellent weld quality, especially when running open gap user’s needs, what ever they are: materials from mild steel to root passes on pipes or plates without using backing support. special alloys, from thin sheets to thick plates, conditions from WiseRoot+ is up to five times faster than TIG in root welding. One hot to cold, working environments from workshops to shipyards. can weld over 80 % per day and save 50 % in labor and filler costs with WiseRoot+, like proved in the attached calculation. WISEROOT+ – THE ULTIMATE MIG/MAG PROCESS FOR ROOT WELDING WITHOUT BACKING FastMig X Pipe is specially designed for pipe welding. It is also More information: suitable for plates and fast root welding from one side. It pro- seatec 2/2015 45